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Help us take a walk in the parks! Our class is taking a trip to three national parks and we need your help. Funds donated will go towards travel, hiking & camping gear, food, and other much needed supplies.

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The Challenge

The goal of this project is to bring students from different backgrounds together to share common experiences in nature. We, the students, share the freedom to choose and develop the trip we will take. This year, we are visiting three national parks in two different states: Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico; Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas; and Big Bend National Park, Texas. We will share our interpretations of each experience with our peers and develop tangible products to help share those experiences with the SAU community in Arkansas after we return.

Donations are applied to...

This expedition will help open the eyes of SAU students to new ecosystems beyond Arkansas. We will bring those experiences to the SAU community during a public presentation of our course projects once we return. Our final projects/products will be put on display to educate the public about our adventures in the national parks.

Why are donations necessary?

Because this is the first time this course is being taught, we are having to purchase all of our supplies from scratch. The funds raised will help pay for the cost of travel to New Mexico and West Texas, and tents and other camping items, supplies for the final products, and group activities that require a fee.