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GT Everyday Champions

"There are very few places where a world-renowned education is paired with Power 5 athletics, where student-athletes can compete for championships at the highest possible level and earn a degree that will provide them a lifetime of success. This is our sweet spot where I believe we have no peer."

-Todd Stansbury

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Athletic Scholarship Fund

The Athletic Scholarship Fund is a top priority for annual gifts and essential in providing the best student-athlete experience possible, equipping them with everything they need to be skillful in their sport, while also developing each of them as a total person excelling in academics and in life.

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Immediate Philanthropic Priorities

  • Scholarships
  • Brand Development & Execution
  • Recruiting
  • Facilities (Academic, Nutrition Center, Football Locker Room)

Invest in Athletic Scholarships

Scholarship costs to the Georgia Tech Athletic Association total $10.6 million annually. Endowment distributions cover approximately one-third of this cost. Your annual gift to the Athletic Scholarship Fund is essential in growing this revenue in accordance with the AD's strategic priorities.