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John Smith Field Safety Enhancement Project

"Last fall our starting right fielder, Andrew McWilliam, made a running catch up against the right field fence. Tremendous play! Unfortunately due to our outdated outfield wall, Andrew suffered a concussion. The information out there today on the effects of concussions is startling. John Smith Field has received recent upgrades with new lights and a state of the art playing surface. Now reducing and preventing future concussion becomes our primary focus. With your assistance, we can create a safer playing environment for our student-athletes" - Reggie Christiansen

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Campaign Objective

To Create a Safer Playing Environment for Hornet Baseball Players

John Smith Field Enhancement Project

  • New Lights - Completed
  • Field Resurfacing - Completed
  • Outfield Wall - Total Cost: $60,000

Sacramento State Hornet Baseball

By supporting this campaign, you are contributing to a premium student-athlete experience for our current and future Hornet baseball players. #StingersUp