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A bold campaign to transform the sciences, increase annual scholarship support, and strengthen our endowment for the future was launched in 2014. At the heart of this effort was the construction of a new allied health facility for nursing, pre-physical therapy and pre-occupational therapy; and a full renovation of the Stedman Hall of Science. These 2 buildings are strategic investments in Central’s future as the academic programs they support are directly related to 22 of the 30 fastest growing jobs in the U.S. The building design, having been heavily influenced by faculty, increases flexibility and structurally maximizes faculty-student interaction.

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Central Methodist University is excited to launch the Campaign for the Heart of Central and partner with you to meet the most pressing needs of the institution.

The Campaign focuses on raising funds to create a better learning environment for students, enhancing our existing science facilities, constructing a new facility for allied health programs, and providing scholarships for deserving students.

The investments in infrastructure and scholarships will have a transformational effect on CMU, as well as every current and future student.


Stedman is at the heart of campus, and at the heart of our academic core. Renovation of this facility is critical for the growth and expansion of the sciences at Central. The programs housed in Stedman (Physics, Math, Computer science, Biology, and Chemistry) are part of every student's experience at Central, and as a result all students will benefit. The key components of the renovation include increased student study space, flexible lab space, upgraded equipment, additional faculty-student interaction space, and opportunities to establish new academic programs.


(Open for classes fall of 2015) The 1st new academic building built on Central’s campus in over 50 years, this facility enhance our ability to educate our students. The increased lab and classroom space for nursing, pre-occupational and pre-physical therapy allows for greater hands-on-learning, while the high tech simulation experience labs and flexible classroom space foster greater faculty-student interaction. This state of the art facility establishes Central as a leader in the allied health fields in Missouri. You are welcome to read the press release or watch the video of the announcement of the largest gift in Central history and the naming of the new facility.