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Rutgers is moving forward with unprecedented energy and purpose. A forward-thinking strategic plan and historic fundraising successes have created momentum across Rutgers that continues to build. Reinforcing this momentum is crucial to ensuring a bright future for Rutgers. This campaigns aim to strengthen Rutgers Athletics through new or renovated facilities. These facilities will enable student-athletes to compete at the highest levels and help Rutgers build championship programs. R Big Ten Build will have a dramatic impact on all Rutgers athletic programs by providing a first-class opportunity for the university’s student-athletes.

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Rutgers is committed to building championship contenders in the Big Ten. This commitment means the university must build premier training facilities for our student-athletes in order to provide them with the resources they need to compete at the championship level.

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To fulfill this objective, Rutgers Athletics is embarking on R Big Ten Build, a targeted campaign to raise $100 million for new or upgraded athletic facilities. In an effort to drive this campaign, Rutgers Athletics will utilize its human capital by implementing a grassroots fundraising initiative. The Captains Program will call upon the entire Rutgers community to be “All In” and become ambassadors for Rutgers Athletics.

Why we need your help...

  • $100 million is A LOT of money!
  • We cannot do it on our own
  • YOU KNOW PEOPLE! You know people who LOVE Rutgers. They may include former teammates, fraternity brothers, sorority sisters, tailgating friends, and co-workers
  • We need you to help raise awareness about R Big Ten Build. Your role is to educate our fans, your friends, about the importance of “supporting” their team
  • Using your network and the communication tools of email, web, social media, and peer to peer interaction, you will help us reach our goal