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Rutgers has created some momentum across our community and is implementing its plan to take the athletic department to the next level! Reinforcing this momentum is crucial to ensuring a bright future for Rutgers. This campaigns aim to strengthen Rutgers Athletics through new or renovated facilities. These facilities will enable student-athletes to compete at the highest levels and help Rutgers build championship programs. R Big Ten Build will have a dramatic impact on all Rutgers athletic programs by providing a first-class opportunity for the university’s student-athletes.

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Rutgers is committed to building championship contenders in the Big Ten. Building top notch facilities for all of our student-athletes so they can compete at a championship level is the goal!

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To achieve this, Rutgers Athletics is embarking on R Big Ten Build, a targeted campaign to raise $100 million for new or upgraded athletic facilities. In an effort to drive this campaign, Rutgers Athletics will utilize its human capital by implementing a grassroots fundraising initiative. The Captains Program will call upon the entire Rutgers community to be “All In” and become ambassadors for Rutgers Athletics.

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$100 million is A LOT of money! The athletic department needs our help and it's going to take people like you to get us there! I'm sure you know tons of people who feel the same way you do, so we can use your help to raise awareness about R Big Ten Build. Your role is to educate our fans, your friends, about the importance of “supporting” their team. Using your network and the communication tools of email, web, social media, and peer to peer interaction, you will help us reach our goal.