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Every contribution you make to the CDM Scholarship Fund makes a difference

We continue to admit the best and brightest students in the country—many from increasingly more diverse backgrounds. Every contribution you make the CDM Scholarship Fund helps us to offer all of our students a world-class education, regardless of their financial circumstances.

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Invest in Our Future

Thanks to your generosity and commitment to supporting the CDM Scholarship Fund, our students are receiving a world-class education. Your support of the CDM Scholarship Fund helps to provide scholarship support for the future leaders of our profession.

Support the CDM Scholarship Fund

Financial aid and scholarships help students of varying needs to pay for tuition and other costs of education. Your support gives students the ability to manage the rising costs of dental education. Some scholarships also provide important externship opportunities, which allow students work experience and, often, the chance to serve disadvantaged populations. When you make a donation, your gift helps much more than just one student. You help the individuals and communities who will benefit from the skilled and compassionate care that student will one day provide.

Time to Give Back

Your commitment to support student scholarships will provide necessary assistance to academically gifted students, enabling the College of Dental Medicine to be the school of choice for the most promising dental students.