Class of 2008 - Journalism 10th Reunion Class Gift - Columbia Giving Day 2018

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Why the Class of 2008 should donate on Giving Day

In the lead-up to the Class of 2008’s 10-year reunion, we ask that you consider celebrating this milestone by giving back to help those who are following in your footsteps–any amount that is meaningful to you. Your connection and commitment to the school strengthen Columbia’s journalism community.

Every gift, of every size, makes a difference.

The Class of 2008’s class gift will go to the Journalism Annual Fund, which is directed towards scholarship aid.

Along with marking your 10-year reunion, the Class of 2008 will be a part of a friendly competition among the J-TEN classes (2008-2017). To encourage the J-TEN community to embrace the J-School tradition of providing support to future students, Keith Goggin '91, a member of our Board of Visitors, will again host a party in downtown NYC for the J-TEN class with the greatest number of gifts on Giving Day. We'll schedule the party in consultation with the donors from the winning class, and we guarantee a fun evening!

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Supporting the Journalism School on Giving Day 2017

For the last six years Columbia Journalism School alumni from across the world have come together for Giving Day, a 24-hour, University-wide fundraising event. Last year, 259 alumni raised a remarkable $167,929. These funds went entirely towards scholarship aid. Thank you for your interest in giving back and paying it forward.

Donations to the Journalism School on Giving Day go towards

Donations to Columbia Journalism School on Giving Day go entirely towards scholarship aid. This top fundraising priority for the school is integral to matriculating students from all backgrounds and financial circumstances, supporting tuition and associated costs of attendance. Every gift, of every size, matters. As Associate Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Christine Souders points out, $10 could support a meal for a student, $121 could help fund a monthly metrocard for use while reporting around the city, $200 could cover the cost of a winter coat for a student from a warm climate, and $500 can provide food for a month.

Why donate to the Journalism School on Giving Day

The Journalism School seeks to enroll the very best students, regardless of their economic circumstances. Each year bright, promising students are admitted but cannot attend due to lack of funds. Contributions on Giving Day provide vital scholarship support, advancing access to a Columbia Journalism School education.

Approximately 96% of our students rely on scholarships and financial aid to cover the cost of tuition and fees. Your gift on Giving Day will go a long way in our efforts to enroll young journalists from across the globe and make available to them the training and opportunities they will need to make a real impact in journalism, and in the world. Thank you for your consideration.