Classes 1980-1989 - Columbia Giving Day 2018

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Classes 1980-1989

Together, alumni of Classes 1980-1989 can make a significant impact at P&S. A gift to your class fund this year is one of the most effective ways you can make a difference for P&S students, over 55% of which receive loans to complete their medical studies. Your gift to your class fund will benefit future P&S students and will be doubled through a match this year when your class reaches its $50,000 goal! Your generosity will change not only the lives of individual students, but our institution and the landscape of medicine overall.

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P&S 250th Anniversary Scholarship Challenge

In 2017, the College of Physicians and Surgeons is celebrating a true milestone: 250 years of pioneering medical education, research, patient care, and community service at Columbia University. As we celebrate, our vision is to eliminate need-based loans for our students, providing all financial aid through scholarships.

How can you make a difference with a donation?

Your donation matters. During this historic year, you can participate in a unique matched giving opportunity. A gift to your class fund counts toward the scholarship challenge. When your class fund reaches $50,000, that amount will be generously matched by P. Roy Vagelos and his wife Diana. Your donation could have double the impact on scholarships at P&S.

Why are donations necessary?

Over 55% of P&S students receive loans. Increasing scholarships and reducing need-based loans will make it easier for graduates to specialize in areas they are most passionate about, like primary care, research, and community service. It will also help to attract and retain the most talented students, regardless of economic status. P&S is consistently ranked in the top 10 medical schools in the nation, educating and training the most talented future leaders of medicine and biomedical research. Making P&S debt-free for our students will help ensure our leadership in medical education for the next 250 years.