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The Climbing Club is USD's own competitive rock climbing team. We practice and train at a local climbing gym called Mesa Rim. Given that Nationals could be anywhere in the country for the upcoming years, this is a once in a lifetime chance for many of us to climb with and compete against the best in the nation. Thanks for supporting us and our goal of making it to Collegiate Climbing Nationals!

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This year, Collegiate Climbing Nationals will be held right here in San Diego and we want to send as many of our athletes as we can! The Climbing Club is looking to support those that want to compete and open it up for new climbers who are competing for the first time. The team trains and practices hard but does not get many opportunities to compete since Nationals are typically not this close to home. Your support will help cover registration fees for any student who wants to compete.

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Your support will help cover registration fees for students competing at Collegiate Nationals. This fee can be a significant challenge for many students to afford. Your gift will help ensure any student who wishes to compete is able to.

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Donations are necessary because we receive very limited funding and most of our budget comes from student athlete fees. We want to be able to cover the registration cost for anyone that wants to compete in Collegiate Nationals this year in order to increase the number of athletes that compete and develop a stronger USD presence in the competitive collegiate climbing world.