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College of Allied Health Professions - Looking to the Future

The College of Allied Health Professions gives attention to the broader definition of allied health and includes those academic programs in behavioral sciences, therapeutic sciences, support services, and nursing. Big Sky Economic Development estimates that 15,500 new healthcare workers will be needed in Montana in the next 10 years due to growth in the health industries and retirement of those in the field. The College of Allied Health Professions at MSUB stands ready to send forth graduates prepared and ready to meet this need.

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Preparing Students for a Bright Future

The College of Allied Health Professions is proud to offer curriculum, faculty, and administrative services that help to prepare students to face the challenges of a changing world. All academic programs in the College emphasize the technical skills required for practice in health and human service professions but also stress the importance of a well rounded education that includes such life skills as critical thinking, literacy, historical consciousness, multicultural experience, and a sense of values.

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