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Support the College of Arts and Science

The College of Arts and Sciences is the largest college in Seattle University. Our emphasis is on academic excellence, service to the community, and global engagement. We provide a liberal arts education in the humanities, the arts, and the social sciences. In addition to more than 80 undergraduate major and minor degrees, we offer seven master's degree programs and three professional graduate degree certificates.

By giving to the College of Arts and Science you are supporting faculty and faculty/student research opportunities and special programming across the College to enrich our students’ experience.

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About this Campaign

Support the College of Arts and Sciences during Seattle U Gives!

Your gift matters

The student experience is greatly enhanced by gifts to the College of Arts and Sciences. Here are a number of projects made possible through the generosity of donors:

Student/Faculty research:

• Katie Smith Student Project: 'One Life Left: How to Reboot Games for Social Change'

• Communication Chair Christopher A. Paul Faculty Project: Rethinking Meritocracy: How Rhetorical Analysis Helps Reshape Game Design

• A faculty/student team researched cross-cultural experiences expressed in journals written by European bicyclists traveling through Asia in the late nineteenth century.

Student assistantships this academic year including:

• Criminal Justice Professors Elaine Gunnison and Jackie Helfgott's book project, "Successful Women in Criminal Justice"

• International Studies and History Professor Nova Robinson's project "Modern Arabic Philology: Transcribing Nazik Al-Abed Beyhum’s Handwritten Letters into Typescript”

• Social Work Professor Joseph DeFilippis' project, After Marriage: The Future of LGTBQ Politics and Scholarship

Special Programs and Events:

• Global African Studies program and Annual Africa Day event; an annual celebration that brings students 6-12 grade to campus to engage with current SU students around topics about foreign aid, community, and the importance of a changing African narrative.

• Launching of the Indigenous Peoples Institute November 2016 under the direction of Professor Christina Roberts

• Events to connect A&S students with alumni to explore and discuss professional possibilities and career ideas after graduation.

The impacts of your gift

Gifts to the College of Arts and Sciences support a wide variety of areas in the college like fellowships and research, but more specifically your gift in action can support:

$1000 – Study abroad stipend to help with travel expenses

$500 – Department award to recognize outstanding student achievements

$250 – Books for a quarter

$100 – Application fee for fellowship and/or student conference

$50 – Student tickets to an arts performance in Seattle with their class