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The liberal arts and sciences are the core of a complete college education, stimulating our spirit, deepening our understanding, and broadening our horizons. They cultivate clear and imaginative thinking, effective communication, critical evaluation of ideas, and effective adaptation of knowledge. The student who experiences the liberal arts and sciences becomes informed, inquiring, critical, and concerned, while building strong foundations for future career opportunities.The College of Arts and Sciences offers academic programs leading to Associate, Baccalaureate and Masters degrees, in the liberal arts and sciences and is the primary provider of General Education courses at MSU Billings.

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The many programs of the College of Arts & Sciences provide the solid foundation essential for careers in a variety of areas.

The College of Arts and Sciences is comprised of eleven academic units. Faculty in each unit have distinguished themselves as outstanding teachers and researchers, capable of putting their students in touch with the cutting edge of their fields. Graduates in the Sciences and in Psychology have been accepted to top medical (e.g., Penn State, University of Minnesota, University of Washington), other professional schools, and major graduate programs (e.g., Ph.D. program in Physics, University of Notre Dame, Biology in University of Utah) in the past several years. Graduates of our Environmental Studies program have already made an impact in the region. Our Art and Music graduates likewise have excelled.

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Donations to the College of Arts & Sciences will go to assist students & faculty of the program of your choosing: Art; Biological & Physical Sciences; Communications & Theatre; English, Philosophy, & Modern Languages; History; Mathematics; Music; Social Sciences & Cultural Studies; and Psychology. Once you have selected your donation amount in the box below, you will be able to direct your donation to one of the above programs.

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