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Opportunities Abound for College of Business Students

On average over 25 client-based projects are completed by COB students every year, and over 90% of COB graduates are employed after graduation, many of whom started with an internship with the employer while still in school. In additional, community connections are enhanced through programs such as the Executives-in-Residence annual program and a number of guest speakers in classes throughout the year. For the 2015-16 school year, over $100,000 in scholarships were awarded to COB students, demonstrating the support provided to our students.

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College of Business

Our mission is to provide a quality undergraduate business education that focuses on teaching, hands-on (experiential) learning, and community engagement. According to Gallup research, COB experiences such as working on long-term projects, completing an internship, and being engaged in extracurricular activities have a significant effect on students’ success after graduation.

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