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Columbia Global Centers: Connecting People, Connecting the World

Columbia University views the challenges and opportunities presented by globalization to require major changes in how it organizes itself for the 21st century. Already deeply and extensively international, the University views a network of Global Centers as the next step in its long history as an international research university. Attuned to the priorities and unique circumstances of its host region, each center leverages the University’s diverse intellectual capacities from across the undergraduate, graduate, and professional schools, and pursues a set of university-wide core activities that evolves over time based on the active engagement of faculty and students.

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Columbia Global Centers | Santiago

Columbia Global Centers | Santiago is a hub for Columbia programs and initiatives relevant to Chile and the region. The Center contributes to Chile's academic and research environment, while also allowing members of the Columbia community to increase their knowledge and explore academic opportunities within Chile. The Center works in collaboration with local academia, government, civil society, and the private sector to design cross-cutting, innovative programs and partnerships with different Schools, Centers, and Institutes within Columbia. Ongoing events, lectures, and seminars hosted by the Center build a lively and engaged community of local and international alumni, students, and faculty.

Driving Our Purpose

Since its inauguration in March 2012, the Columbia Global Centers I Santiago has promoted joint collaboration between Columbia and Chilean scholars, created on-site opportunities for Columbia researchers, encouraged more Chilean students and professionals to apply to Columbia, and opened up possibilities for Columbia students to do internships and field-work in Chile. During 2016, we organized 30 public events in Chile and four on campus, received 20 faculty members and researchers to Chile, coordinated six recruitment sessions, put together programs for eight visiting students, and hosted two alumni reunions.

From Research to Impact

Research and teaching by Columbia University faculty can directly address global challenges. Through the creation and sharing of knowledge, our faculty foster interdisciplinary collaborations that contribute to key issues around the world. Your support can help Columbia University permanently establish the resources needed to underwrite innovative global projects and research on relevant and timely topics ranging from forced migration to extremism to climate change. With the support of our partners and local audiences in Chile, our Centers will be able to respond quickly and positively to support the creation of knowledge that impacts the University and the world.