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We believe in raising a generation of leaders who are deeply connected to their authentic self, have the courage to advocate for what they believe in, and the ability to foster positive relationships with family, friends and peers. Our desire to raise the leadership capacity of girls and boys is matched by our desire to help promote a strong connection between parents and their children. We have a vision of families that are defined by openness and authenticity, and most importantly, a willingness to go through all that life has to offer, including the hard and uncomfortable. Our Conscious Kids programs aim to bring parents and kids closer to their truer selves and close to each other, all in the spirit of great leadership.

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Cultivate Conscious Kids builds personal confidence, self-esteem, and social capacity. This parent-child leadership program fosters connection, strengthens families, and teaches both kids and adults the tools for effective leadership. Developed within the Conscious Leadership Academy at the University of San Diego, this program integrates a unique and powerful approach to leadership with developmentally appropriate curriculum and socially relevant issues. By working on issues that really matter, participants discover what they truly value, develop the courage to speak up for what they believe in, and learn to navigate the challenging relationships and issues they face. Our vision is that every girl and boy has access to our programs, regardless of income level, but we need your support to make that possible. Join us to Cultivate Conscious Kids.

Donations are applied to...

Enhancing the Conscious Kids program that includes Grow Great Girls and Build the Best Boys. Funds will be used to:

- Purchase supplies for the workshops

- Cover registration fees for those that cannot afford it

- Provide lunch and snacks at workshops

- Properly staff our workshops so participants get the most out of their experience

Why are donations necessary?

The statistics on boys and girls are alarming. Social, cultural, and personal pressures are pulling kids away from inner strength, positive sense of self, joy, and courage. Our uniquely designed programs develop our participants’ ability to make tough decisions and have difficult conversations. We help girls, boys, and their parents explore their true selves and build confidence. We teach boundaries, balance, and being your best self in order to foster the courage to go out in the world and make a difference…in order to go out in the world and be a leader.

We have a goal to bring our programming into schools to promote a leadership practice that is useful in all realms of life. However, we need additional funding to be able to cover the cost of the workshop supplies and registration fees for those that cannot afford it. With your help, we can make this program available to every girl and boy who wants to participate, regardless of income level.