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This needs to be the 10 second sales pitch. It should address why ISU needs a simulator, how it will impact the program and what it will do for the students - ie prepare them for careers in their professions.

The Physical and Occupational Therapy Associates clinic within the Department of Physical and Occupational Therapy program is raising money to purchase a driving simulator for the occupational therapy clinicians and students.

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What is a Driving Simulator?

Are there any stats about why this is a good purchase? Is this a common item at other institutions?

A driving simulator is one of the best tools for a driving evaluation when assessing a client’s occupational therapy and rehabilitation progress for injuries ranging from minor to debilitating. A driver assessment simulator can be used effectively an evaluation tool for the rehabilitation of physical, cognitive, and psychomotor challenges affecting the client population. Occupational therapy students, clinicians and faculty will use the driving simulator as a part of five of their clinical courses as well as hands on clinical practicums/experiences with clients in the southeastern Idaho area.

Donations are applied to...

Here, we need to talk about the plan. Most donors probably know that a simulator cannot be purchased for $10k. What will you do with this $10k, how will you come up with the rest. Is there a purchase plan in place with type, date of purchase or date that you need this in place for course requirements? Are there additional needs beyond the purchase like training, storage, maintenance?

Why are donations necessary?

Is this a course need? Will this help the program grow or offer better services to patients?

A generous donation towards a driving assessment simulator will help supplement funding that has already been provided from the Master of Occupational Therapy Program and the Division of Health Sciences at Idaho State University. The more money raised will help the Master of Occupational Therapy Program purchase the highest quality driving simulator that occupational therapy students will have access to for direct instruction, clinical assessment and treatment and research.