Energy & Environmental Policy @ SIPA - Columbia Giving Day 2018

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Energy and Environmental Policy: To respond to climate change, we must work across all sectors.

Your gift ensures that SIPA remains a dedicated and driven partner in shaping the world’s response to climate change. With support from our community, Seeples will continue to be effective leaders in energy, natural resources, and the environment, in all sectors.

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Provide students with the analytical toolkit to address the world’s most urgent environmental challenges.

As the world faces extreme environmental challenges, the need to build a holistic understanding of how science, technology, policy, finance, and society shape energy, natural resources, and environmental risk and opportunities is imperative. In the E&E program, SIPA students are uniquely equipped with an analytical toolkit to address and create energy and environmental policy across government, business, and civil society sectors.

Your donation furthers SIPA’s innovative research addressing urgent energy and environmental challenges.

With extreme environmental challenges facing the world, including global climate change, natural disasters, and resource depletion, your gift helps to effectively equip the next generation of energy policymakers with the quantitative and qualitative skills needed to lead in reducing environmental risks and solving the world’s most pressing energy issues. In addition to supporting cutting-edge faculty research and SIPA’s global centers, your gift supports student fieldwork, capstones, symposiums, and global collaboratory projects in the realm of energy and environment.

Support SIPA’s critical work in Energy and Environmental Policy.

Make your gift in support of faculty, research, and student work in SIPA’s E&E program. With your donation, SIPA can continue to explore, evaluate, and pursue new qualitative and quantitative tools to analyze and model energy and environmental issues and lead the discourse in policy solutions. Your donation also helps grow SIPA’s distinct E&E specializations, including Global Energy Management Policy, Energy and Resource Management, and Environmental Policy and Management.