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Engineering Leadership Council of Notre Dame

The Engineering Leadership Council is excited to be participating in Notre Dame Day! We've had a very successful year with our events: We planned Engineering Industry Day in it's new format as a part of Notre Dame's general career fair. The ELC planed the networking events associated with the fair, which allowed employers and engineering students to interact in a more informal environment. The First Year Engineering Council, a branch of ELC, put on several extremely successful engineering explorations for their fellow classmates to expose them to the different types of engineering available to them and to show them all of the exciting things one can do with an engineering degree! Some of their events included: a gingerbread house building competition, a chance to sit in on higher level engineering classes, and the chance to ask upperclassmen engineers about some of the projects they've done. Because of this great outreach, Notre Dame won the award for best Freshman Outreach on a national level! Engineers Week is a national event to celebrate engineers. The Engineering Leadership Council, in appreciation of all the hard work that the engineers at Notre Dame do, hosted several events throughout the week such as: free Einstein's bagels and coffee one morning, professor trivia night—pitting professors from different departments against each other, a talent competition between students where every vote was associated with a donation to a local food bank, a happy hour at a local establishment, free "High-Five an Engineer" t-shirts distributed and worn throughout the week. Also, we had a great outreach program where we went to local high schools and elementary schools with different clubs to showcase their projects and to have some fun hands-on activities for the students. Overall, it was an extremely successful week, and this is why we need your help and support so we can make these events even bigger and better for next year!

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The LIVE Notre Dame Day broadcast will kick-off at 18:42 pm ET (6:42 pm ET) on April 24 at NOTREDAMEDAY.ND.EDU. The 29-hour broadcast will showcase Notre Dame stories from around the world, as well as live interviews, special musical performances, remotes, in-studio performances and surprise celebrity guests. Please spread the word and help us earn votes! Follow the celebration on social media with #NDday.

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During this exciting time, we have the unique opportunity to earn a portion of a $1 Million! Make a $10 gift on Notre Dame Day (April 24 – 25), and receive 5 votes to cast. The total number of votes we receive decides our percentage of the $1 Million. Please vote for us!

Why are donations necessary?

Please consider for the Engineering Leadership Council this Notre Dame Day! We have a very small budget which has led to limitations on the size of our events in the past few years. But this past year, due to generous sponsorship from engineering companies during Engineering Industry Day and Engineers Week, we were able to fund the events we planned. But, we want to make these events even better and bigger for next year to continue the current students, faculty, and prospective students at Notre Dame's excitement for engineering!