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Global Adaptation Index

The Notre Dame Global Adaptation Index is a practical solution to the world’s climate problem. We promote adaptation by identifying the places most vulnerable to extreme weather and changing climate and identifying real-world solutions that can prevent these changes from becoming disasters.

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Our flagship asset is the free and open-source Country Index, the world’s leading index showing which countries are prepared to handle global changes brought about by overcrowding, resource-constraints and climate disruption that ranks countries based on their vulnerability and, uniquely, how ready they are to adapt. As people, governments and corporations are increasingly impacted by droughts, superstorms, civil conflicts and other disasters, ND-GAIN helps solve problems that keep leaders up at night by providing assets that transcend risks across sectors – including elements of water, health, food, infrastructure, security, governance, economy and society.

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Your ND-DAY donation will be applied to undergraduate research in climate change adaptation, so that students can work with ND-GAIN scholars and faculty to reduce this humanitarian crisis. Thank you for helping increase ND-GAIN's reach around the world!

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