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Global Health

The faculty in Global Health focus on an international portfolio of research projects that address sustainable health systems, emergency medicine, forced migration, disease prevention and treatment, and worldwide health crises like HIV/AIDS, malaria, and Ebola.

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Thinking and acting on a global scale

Developing effective interventions requires public health professionals who are comfortable working in ever-shifting political, social, economic, and health environments. One of Mailman’s enterprises, the Global Health Initiative (GHI) is committed to developing new approaches to critical global health challenges. GHI seeks to effectively mobilize the capacities of the Mailman School, as well as those of the wider Columbia University community and our partners in New York City, throughout the country, and overseas. GHI’s vision is to ignite these synergies to fundamentally reshape thought and practice in the field of global health.

Delivering transformative solutions to meet the health needs of individuals around the world

The program’s interdisciplinary focus steeps students in traditional global health priorities such as poverty reduction, maternal health, prevention of neonatal and child mortality, infectious diseases, environmental sanitation, and access to safe drinking water, while also addressing new priorities including urbanization, rising rates of chronic diseases and obesity, climate change, aging populations, global mental health, and the health consequences of conflict.

Ensuring the wellness of families and communities by strengthening health systems

Students will be equipped to address health problems that transcend borders due to globalization and increasing migration.