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Graduate Career Services

Graduate Career Services engages with Notre Dame graduate students and alumni to set and achieve career and professional development goals aligned with their career aspirations as the next generation of global innovators, educators and leaders. In collaboration with campus partners, we prepare students to obtain strong career outcomes after their time at Notre Dame.

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The LIVE Notre Dame Day broadcast will kick-off at 18:42 pm ET (6:42 pm ET) on April 24 at NOTREDAMEDAY.ND.EDU. The 29-hour broadcast will showcase Notre Dame stories from around the world, as well as live interviews, special musical performances, remotes, in-studio performances and surprise celebrity guests. Please spread the word and help us earn votes! Follow the celebration on social media with #NDday.

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During this exciting time, we have the unique opportunity to earn a portion of a $1 Million! Make a $10 gift on Notre Dame Day (April 24 – 25), and receive 5 votes to cast. The total number of votes we receive decides our percentage of the $1 Million. Please vote for us!

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Your donation helps to provide the needed career and professional development programming to prepare our Masters and PhD students to obtain positive career outcomes after their time at Notre Dame!