GSAS Dean's Discretionary Fund - Columbia Giving Day 2018

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The Dean's Discretionary Fund

Through your generosity to the Dean's Discretionary Fund, you provide Dean Alonso with the flexibility to respond to urgent needs as they arise and to fund groundbreaking initiatives such as the Internships in Academic Administration and the Lead Teaching Fellows programs.

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Thanks To Our Supporters!

The enduring impact of your gift

Your giving to the GSAS Annual Fund provides critical current-use funds, but make no mistake: it is very much an investment in the future. The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences is where the University reproduces itself as an institution. With your gift, you are building the university of the future. You are building the future of knowledge; you are building the future of disciplines in their entirety.

Your gifts support...

Your contribution makes it possible for our school to remain competitive in attracting the most outstanding students and enabling them to do their best work. Your gifts to the GSAS Annual Fund have allowed us to overhaul our family-leave policies and resources to make it easier to pursue a graduate degree while starting or raising a family. They have provided critical funding for doctoral students, including supplementary summer stipends and travel awards for conferences and research, and helped us to expand financial aid for our master's students. Additionally, we have expanded funding for international students who are otherwise ineligible for certain fellowships specific to American citizens.

Your influence extends beyond the classroom

Your leadership and generosity have an impact on our students’ academic lives, on the quality of their research and scholarship. You allow them to immerse themselves in their studies without having to put their lives on hold, helping to level the playing field for students who are, or who wish to become, parents. You fill our classrooms and laboratories with the most academically gifted students from around the world, who can enliven and enrich the academic discourse on campus for each other and for the broader University community of students and faculty.