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Health and Fitness Club of Notre Dame

The Health and Fitness Club of Notre Dame was formed in the fall semester of 2016 by senior Kyle Huber who observed a persistent sense of “gym intimidation” in the Notre Dame community, despite clear interest in the pursuit of healthy living. Given the nature of Notre Dame’s extremely active student body, there was a clear need for some grassroots organization made by students, for students. After months of hyping his vision to both friends and strangers in the gyms on campus, Kyle brought his idea to reality when the club launched in August. Within less than a year, the club has experienced unprecedented growth with over 161 registered members. Open to all Notre Dame, Saint Mary’s and Holy Cross students, HFCND has achieved a diverse following, bringing together individuals of all backgrounds, years and experiences that share a common interest of cultivating a healthy lifestyle as a foundation for making the most out of the college years and beyond. The purpose of HFCND is threefold: First and foremost is to connect like-minded students interested in all around health and fitness, including but not limited to topics such as weight lifting, physical training, and nutrition. Next is to foster a healthy environment that encourages members to seek health and wellness as a lifestyle through discussion, campus resources and peer accountability. Finally, HFCND seeks to assist and inspire students to continually set, and achieve health and fitness related goals. Regular club activities include biweekly town-hall style meetings in which a specific health-related topic from mindfulness to injury prevention to goal-setting is voted on and discussed. Every month, HFCND hosts speakers that share their experiences and knowledge on health and fitness. Previous speakers include Chris Leathers, a professional athlete trainer; Sandy Orsund, a health coach and the health and fitness manager at the Kroc Center; Margaret Bamgbose, a Rio Olympic athlete; and John Carlson, a retired NFL tight end. Additionally, each semester the club hosts a cooking night in which members meet to prepare a healthy meal, eat and socialize.

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HFCND is new to campus for the 2016-17 school year and our main goal is to foster a healthy campus community for all, while providing a platform for those interested in health and fitness to meet, communicate and engage in activities that promote healthy lifestyles. Within our first year, we gained 161 undergraduate members and our numbers are still climbing but we are in need of your support to continue to expand club activities. Every dollar contributed directly funds the conversion of our ideas into realities and helps to write the story of the Health and Fitness Club. We appreciate your interest in our club and should you choose to contribute to our campaign, please consider providing your information so we can thank you personally. To read more about our story, see what donations will go to specifically and view media, explore our campaign page!

Donations are applied to...

Donations to the Health and Fitness Club of Notre Dame fund our current and prospective club activities. Some of these specific areas include fresh food for healthy cooking nights, fitness instructors for group workout classes and speakers or professionals for educating members on topics such as goal-setting, training and nutrition. Because the Health and Fitness Club is still an emergent club on campus, each and every donation contributes to creating the tradition of the club and supporting the health and fitness of students at the University. We have so many creative ideas that are in the works and your generosity puts us one step closer to making these ideas a reality. Some of these include- A week-long health boot camp program that addresses all dimensions of student health. This will include workout classes that highlight different forms of exercise- HIIT, yoga, lifting, etc.; nutrition programs that encourage healthy eating in college and navigating the dining halls; Social events to get students in touch with others who share similar interests; and guest speakers to guide discussions on topics such as mental health, training, motivation and positivity. Travel to state parks or other sites that provide students the opportunity to get off campus and explore beautiful locations while partaking in activities such as hiking, kayaking, swimming, running, etc.

Why are donations necessary?

Because the Health and Fitness Club is still an infant compared to the other student organizations established on campus, we are still in the developmental process. This means that we are constantly sorting through new ideas to be as resourceful to students as possible and our largest restraint is financially feasibility. This being said, each donation contributes directly to writing the story of the Health and Fitness Club of Notre Dame. We appreciate your interest in our club and your generosity in donating to our campaign- it truly makes an impact!