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Why Build Heavy-Lift Drones?

This project is providing Gonzaga students the opportunity to engage in real-world problem solving and design using drones as a vehicle for creative innovation.

We as students believe heavy-lift drones will dictate the future of related technology. The High Lift Drone project will be used to save lives by assisting police and military in removing potentially destructive devices from public spaces.

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Thanks To Our Supporters!

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Because of your belief, we will build!

Thank you for your support in creating a real-world high technology experience for Gonzaga students, one that will carry past graduation and strengthen communities. The Materials Advantage Club is spearheading this project with an eager drive to change the way resources are used to protect the public.

Donations are applied to...

Covering the cost of purchasing equipment and supplies for creating the Heavy Lift Drone prototypes. The equipment needed ranges from robot arms to motor parts and batteries. If we meet our goal, any additional funds raised will also be applied to the vision behind this project.

Why are donations necessary?

This interdisciplinary project has generated a large amount of interest, and due to this momentum a greater set of projects have been planned to accommodate the enthusiasm. These drone projects each cost roughly $4,000.00 - and it is our hope to raise enough funding for our club members and the larger Gonzaga community to experience heavy-lift drone building.