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Help us honor Howard Schmidt's legacy.

Illustrious – Implacable – Indefatigable – Indomitable – Intrepid – Invincible

Words to describe Howard; but who was he? These pictures tell a story about a giving and wonderful colleague, friend, mentor, and family man. Many of us knew the advisor to presidents, politicians, and corporations; Howard was much more than that.

Some of us knew him as a servant-leader. He gave eagerly to anyone who wanted to learn. Always patient but to the point. Rather than constantly transmitting, he would ask students the right questions at the right time.

Not only did he work with small groups when he was at IRI/NIATEC, but when he took a leave of absence to serve the White House, he invited the entire SFS cohort to the people’s house. They were thrilled since they were going into federal service.

He always made time for NIATEC students. He might have to teleconference in; but he never missed an appointment. He was dedicated to the IRI and the SFS program.

Most of us never knew the most important thing in his life, his family. They always came first. With Howard, future was always first.

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    Wanted to show my support to a legacy of a man.

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    Was a pleasure getting to know Howard while on the ISC2 board. Amazing individual, and a great loss to the security community. I know he's sporting his Harley shirts up above.

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    Thank you for your leadership, friendship and positive impact to society

Howard's Dream

I met Howard more than 20 years ago. He was on a mission, to make the information world safe for everyone. We eagerly exchanged opinions and plans. Although we came from different worlds, we had a common objective: security and safety for future generations.

Ten years ago, Howard agreed to become a Research Professor in the Informatics Research Institute (IRI). He claimed that he was not an academician, but the students he taught were overjoyed, and Howard began his legacy at Idaho State University. He was always eager to work with students and grow the program. He was modest about his role, but he made a real difference to hundreds of Cyber Security students in the National Information Assurance Training and Education Center (NIATEC) at ISU.

He was a true servant-leader. He served in this role for more than a decade, making sure the program maintained its standards of excellence. Howard always believed that "one should fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds worth of distance run" and he gave his all to the students in NIATEC.

On one occasion, I visited Raemarie and Howard at their home outside London. Toward the end of the visit, the discussion moved to academia’s reliance on federal funding; how would Cyber Security survive in academia if it is treated with the same short sight in government and industry? How does one pass the baton to next generation? As he had before, he volunteered that he would like to establish a fund for students and a professorate in Cyber Security.

Flash ahead to the first of March; my good friend and colleague was gone but his dream is alive! Let us finish Howard’s mission and make Howard’s dream come true! This way his gift will hold on when there is nothing left except his enormous will which says “hold on!”

Dr. Corey D. Schou, Ph.D., University Professor of Informatics and Computer Science, Director of NIATEC, Idaho State University

Learn more about the NIATEC program that Howard impacted.

With your help, we can complete his dream.

Your gift will be used to establish the Howard A. Schmidt Endowment. Howard wanted to involve as many students as possible in cyber security and wanted to create an endowment that will "out-live all of us".

Your gift will be used by the NIATEC program director to support the following types of activities:

Provide bright undergraduate students with workships. No winding of the Dean’s clock. From day one students will be involved in on-going cyber security research with graduate students and faculty.

Books and essential tools deplete a student’s resources quickly. The book fund will offset these costs and help the student stay on course.

A university education becomes more expensive each year. The intent is to provide highly motivated students with tuition relief through scholarships.

Support the faculty in the IRI and NIATEC programs.

How to make your gift:

Online - using the the form below.
Phone - call (208)282-3470
Mail - ISU Foundation, 921 S. 8th Ave Stop 8050, Pocatello, ID 83209-8050
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