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Journal of Legislation

We are excited to announce our participation in Notre Dame Day, when the global Notre Dame family will come together to celebrate what each of us loves most about the University. The Journal of Legislation (JLEG) contains articles by both public policy figures and distinguished members of the legal community. It also publishes notes written by members of the staff. All material contained in The Journal concern either existing and proposed legislation or public policy matters. Some articles and notes make specific suggestions regarding legislative change. The Journal is presently one of the country’s leading legislative law reviews and is a member of the National Conference of Law Reviews. JLEG is a legislative law review which focuses on analysis and reform of public policy. The primary purpose of the Journal is to provide a forum for debate of timely issues of state, national, and international stature. The Journal differs from traditional law reviews by concentrating primarily on statutory, regulatory, and public policy matters rather than on case law. Prominent public figures and legal scholars contribute major pieces of legal analysis to the Journal in the form of “articles”. We also publish substantial student-written pieces called “notes” and commentaries on recent legislation in our “legislative reform” section. The staff chooses topics for article solicitation, note writing, and legislative reform pieces based upon the current legislative and administrative policies of state, national, and international bodies. The staff solicits articles authors from among those public figures who influence politics. The Journal believes in the open debate of all political ideologies and philosophical points of view. The main philosophy behind the Journal’s solicitation effort is that viewpoints and recommendations of public leaders are more likely to effect policy change than are technical analyses by lesser known experts. Therefore, the Journal has traditionally solicited legislators, judges, administrators, and prominent attorneys, as well as recognized experts from beyond the legal world. The Journal is also dedicated to helping the individual student learn to think critically, research thoroughly, and write with precision and style. For this reason the Journal is proud to uphold the tradition of publishing student notes. Writing, editing, cite checking, and proofreading provide members with intense training in the art of legal writing. The Editorial Staff is available to help student staff members and contributors achieve these goals.

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The LIVE Notre Dame Day broadcast will kick-off at 18:42 pm ET (6:42 pm ET) on April 24 at NOTREDAMEDAY.ND.EDU. The 29-hour broadcast will showcase Notre Dame stories from around the world, as well as live interviews, special musical performances, remotes, in-studio performances and surprise celebrity guests. Please spread the word and help us earn votes! Follow the celebration on social media with #NDday.

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