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League of Legends Notre Dame (LoLND)

LoLND is a club dedicated to providing a place for members of the Notre Dame community to play League of Legends, the most popular video game in the world, with over one hundred million active players and a vibrant e-sports scene. LoLND allows students to enjoy the game as a community by providing regular meetups, tournaments, and game watches.

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The LIVE Notre Dame Day broadcast will kick-off at 18:42 pm ET (6:42 pm ET) on April 23rd at NOTREDAMEDAY.ND.EDU. The 29-hour broadcast will showcase Notre Dame stories from around the world, as well as live interviews, special musical performances, remotes, in-studio performances and surprise celebrity guests. Please spread the word and help us earn votes! Follow the celebration on social media with #NDday.

What will your donations be used for?

As a new club, LoLND has limited resources. ND Day is a great way to fund events that bring the Notre Dame community together, such as:
- Tournaments
- Viewing Parties
- Off-campus trips

Thank You!