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Worldwide engineering competition where students are challenged to design, manufacture, test, promote, and race an off-road vehicle.

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The Baja SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) competition challenges engineering students to design, manufacture, test, and race an off-road vehicle.

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Funding is necessary to purchase consumables such as steel, filler wire for welding, gas, and various hardware. We will need to purchase new tools to use in the manufacturing process. Parts for the car such as the differential, CVT, shocks, among many others must be bought in addition to all of the safety equipment. This includes the driver’s helmet, fire suit, goggles, and fire extinguishers. Another large expense will be traveling to the competition and lodging while we are there.

Why are donations necessary?

By supporting Lehigh Baja, you are supporting the education of young engineering and business students. Baja allows us to come together and work as a team to simulate a real world engineering challenge. We are applying what we are learning in our classes to get a hands-on experience that could not be replicated in the classroom.