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Matilda Dodge Wilson Statue

When Oakland University (then MSU-Oakland) was first founded, students had the unique experience of meeting, mingling with, and spending time with the founder, Matilda Wilson. This is a privilege that today’s students will never know. While they can’t know Mrs. Wilson personally, they can and should know about her and the legacy that she provided – Oakland University wouldn’t exist without her. This project, which was heavily supported by the classes of the 60’s needs some extra support to make this a reality.

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Oakland University was established in 1957 through a generous donation from founders Alfred and Matilda Dodge Wilson. In recognition of OU's first donor and the history of philanthropy at the university, a statue of Matilda Dodge Wilson will be placed on campus. The current goal of $17,500 is our first phase goal, with an ultimate goal of $35,000.

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Through the generosity of OU donors, a Matilda Dodge Wilson bronze statue will be placed on main campus, recognizing Oakland University's history, beginning with our founder and first donor. This life-size statue of Matilda Wilson will be placed on an elevated pedestal in the courtyard between OU’s original three buildings. Please join us in making a gift that will help capture and become history on our campus!

Why are donations necessary?

Oakland University has long awaited a symbol of the rich history that has transformed our campus. Currently, there is no area on main campus that commemorates historical events. The addition of the Matilda Dodge Wilson statue will honor our founder and very first philanthropist of OU. This statue will be located in a prominent place where students, tours, and alumni can meet for a variety of occasions.