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Men Against Sexual Violence

We are proud to join the rest of Our Lady's University in Notre Dame Day, and celebrate the family which nurtures and supports students as they journey through college. We seek to continue our work creating a community which cares for all its members, and hope that today reminds everyone of what we strive for.

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Men Against Sexual Violence is based on the idea that men must be role models in society and hold other men accountable for their behavior. Sexual violence is often seen as a woman's issue, but men cannot be ignored when they are an integral part of the solution. Culture can be a powerful force for good, or it can be toxic and skewed, with no room for free expression or compassion. Sexual violence has continued for too long, and as men, we hold a unique position from which to address the issue. Every man and woman is worthy of human dignity, unique and valuable beyond measure. Until the world reflects this simple truth, we take on the responsibility of ending sexual violence.

Donations are applied to...

A donation of $10 or more provides the donor with 5 votes, each vote representing a portion of $1 million to allocate where they choose. We hope you consider us as you vote for which areas of Notre Dame to support, so that we may continue hosting events such as Media Literacy Night (see the image gallery), which analyzes media, culture, and their intersection, hold discussion-based meetings where members can talk about individual aspects of gender/masculinity/culture, and so we can support other groups in a concerted effort to end sexual violence.

Why are donations necessary?

It is difficult to provide for the hundreds of groups Notre Dame boasts, and most of the funds to run each group must come from fundraising, such as sales and donations. It is because of generous benefactors that we can continue to fight for peace, and this reflects the hopeful truth that there are others out there who support our cause, and are willing to join our campaign to create an ideal for society to journey towards.