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The Mount Union Fund

Your gift on Raiders Give supports The Mount Union Fund, a critical source of revenue that underwrites virtually every aspect of a Mount Union education. Because of the generosity of alumni, employees, parents, and friends of the University who provide gifts to The Mount Union Fund each year, our students are able to enjoy an exceptional educational experience. Your support allows the University to provide opportunities that prepare students for fulfilling lives, meaningful work, and responsible citizenship.

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What is The Mount Union Fund?

Gifts to The Mount Union Fund provide our students with opportunities that challenge them, equip them with critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and prepare them to become the leaders of tomorrow. Unrestricted in nature, The Mount Union Fund allows the University to build quality into every aspect of college life for Mount Union students. Your gift today ensures scholarships are awarded, books are given to deserving students, study abroad experiences are made possible, and state-of-the-art equipment is added to the classroom.

Give Where It's Needed Most

The Mount Union Fund offers flexibility in the budget, as unrestricted gifts can be accepted and quickly returned to our students where the support is needed most. Gifts to the Mount Union Fund provide immediate support for scholarships and financial aid; academic programming; faculty training; study abroad experiences; technology enhancements; library resources and research tools; music, theatre, athletics, spiritual life, and other co-curricular activities; and other critical needs as they arise.

Your Gift Makes a Difference

Each year, more than $30 million in scholarships and financial aid is awarded, students are involved in more than 100 student organizations and co-curricular activities, and 80% of the student body participates in community service activities. These are the kinds of opportunities that you make possible when you support The Mount Union Fund – opportunities that foster student success. Your gift every year makes a difference every day in the lives and educational experiences of Mount Union students.