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Education is our new buffalo

Native students persist in higher education despite severe traumas that would reasonably cause a college drop out. It’s the everyday grind of not having money for a book, lunch, gas in the car, enough food in the fridge, or too many bills to pay that wear our student’s morale down to defeat. Poverty tells Native students they don’t belong in higher education. Help us give our Native students the right tools for success.

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Our Mission

It is the mission of the Native American Achievement Center to help recruit and retain American Indian students at Montana State University Billings. The office will serve as an advocate for students pursuing post-secondary educational opportunities at MSU Billings, City College, and extension services, by providing academic and student support to students while encouraging their individual, social, cultural and emotional growth.

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We celebrate culture and individuality through events, heritage recognition activities.

A Safe Haven

Students need a safe place to turn for help while learning to cope in a new environment. We are here to advocate for students and to assist in overcoming obstacles while offering new ways to connect to campus. We have students’ best interest at heart and do all we can to ensure success!