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51st Annual MSUB Pow Wow

The annual MSUB Pow Wow is an opportunity for the largest urban Indian community in Montana to celebrate American Indian culture in Montana's largest city and to bring Native traditions into the classroom. MSUB Native students will make use of their experience at the Pow Wow to write poetry, to do statistical analysis, to write reflection papers, and more. The Pow Wow is an integral part of the American Indian experience at MSU Billings both for the students and community members.

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Bridging the Past & Present

The Montana State University Billings annual powwow celebrated its 50th year in April 2018. The 2019 powwow agenda will feature social dances, dance contests, a basketball tournament, an art exhibit, concert in Petro Theater, VIP seating for elders, live video streaming, gifting elders and drummers per tribal protocols of honor and respect. Staff and interns manage a volunteer crew of 200 people that lead the powwow through 22 hours of event time. #JacketGivingDay

Your Donation Will Make a Difference

The MSUB Powwow depends on funding by donations, volunteerism, and partnership with local entities that have a relationship with the American Indian population on campus and in the community. It is the largest American Indian event in Billings, the largest city and the largest urban Indian community in Montana. We invite your support to help bridge cultures and promote student leadership.

Bringing Tradition into the Classroom

The MSUB Powwow is an extra-curricular event that connects classroom content to an authentic cultural activity. Poetry classes will complete writing assignments connected to their experience attending the powwow. Statistics classes will analyze evaluations and calculate measurable results. Native American Studies students will write reflection papers and will volunteer in one of the many work areas that support the powwow. The Powwow Blog displays student assignments and serves as publishing asset to students seeking graduate school or career opportunities.