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NDnano - Center for Nano Science & Technology

International Student Research Dinner! This year, we are banding together with some others in ND Research to celebrate the contributions of international students to the world-class research and scholarship conducted here at the University. Any proceeds NDnano collects during ND Day this year will be pooled and used to host a congratulatory event that expresses our gratitude for the value international students, both graduate and undergraduate, add to academic life on campus.

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NDnano is a world-class, collaborative research center that includes faculty from seven departments across the colleges of Engineering and Science. The Center is focused on developing, characterizing, and applying new nanotechnology-based materials, processes, devices, and solutions that will better society.

Donations are applied to...

Any ND Day funds collected by NDnano, ND Energy, Advanced Diagnostics & Therapeutics, and the Environmental Change Initiative will be pooled and used to host a congratulatory event for international students.

Why are donations necessary?

To say "THANK YOU" for the contributions made by our international students!