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We started our organization last year with the goal of becoming a competitive team in the region, and to reach this goal we have been practicing twice a week for over a year now. Paying for tournament fees, travel and equipment costs, and indoor facility costs during the winter is extremely expensive. We hope to fund-raise in order to pay for these needs, so that our club can continue making progress, and continue working hard at a sport which is growing and that we love.

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We would like to be able to raise enough money to pay for a significant portion of our indoor facility costs this winter. Being able to continue practicing in the winter is paramount to our success as a cohesive team on the field. By winter, we would like to raise at least approximately $500.00 to go toward our costs for this goal.

Why are donations necessary?

Donations for this club are necessary because expenses are high for travel, tournaments, and practice facilities. Your donation will help us pay for these types of expenditures.