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Oakland University Police Department is raising funds in order to acquire and train a new member for their team, a bomb detection dog. The addition of a K-9 Unit for the OUPD will allow us to continue our dedication of maintaining the safety and security of all campus community members.

Safety on the Oakland University campus and at events is our top priority. As the university continues to grow in the number of large scale events that it hosts (those with an expected attendance of 1,000 or more), it is critical to be prepared. The university will benefit from the addition of a K-9 Unit, featuring a bomb detection dog, within the OUPD as it will further enhance the overall emergency preparedness levels for large scale events making Oakland a safer community as a whole.

PS - Employees, your AUFD gift will still be matched if you make it here!

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Your support will allow the OUPD to begin and sustain a K-9 Unit on campus featuring a bomb detection dog. The addition of the K-9 Unit will provide the OUPD with additional resources necessary to enhance safety at large scale events on campus. This is phase 1 of the fundraising campaign in order to have the funds to purchase and train a bomb detection dog for the OUPD.

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The cost of beginning and maintaining a K-9 Unit are great. In order to begin a K-9 Unit on campus, we are dividing the fundraising needs into phases. Phase 1 requires a goal of $30,000 in order to purchase and train a bomb detection dog.

Additional phases will include fundraising in order to purchase an SUV fully outfitted for the K-9, vehicle maintenance, and also funds to cover additional needs to sustain the K-9 program which include equipment, uniforms, gear, food, vet, boarding, and insurance.

Why are donations necessary?

Oakland University recently reviewed its policies, plans, and operational procedures as they relate to emergency preparedness for large scale events that occur on campus. As a result of this review, a number of approaches have been introduced to enhance overall preparedness levels. In further support of this initiative, the OUPD is seeking to establish a police K-9 unit which will specialize in explosive detection to further ensure the safety and security of individuals attending campus events and the overall safety of our community. The costs associated with the establishment and maintenance of a police K-9 unit far exceed the OUPD budget, and therefore your generosity can help make this a reality in an effort to further improve campus safety.