Promoting Just Societies in SIPA Student Work - Columbia Giving Day 2018

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Promoting Just Societies: Policy that furthers just societies is at the core of SIPA’s values.

By supporting SIPA’s Just Societies initiatives, you'll provide funds for research and events that engage students in conflict resolution, sustainable economic development, and human rights. Giving to this initiative provides important support for fieldwork opportunities for students, such as the Economic and Political Development Workshops.

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SIPA is engaged in sustainable economic development, conflict resolution, and the welfare of communities.

SIPA’s work in this area weaves through a variety of its academic programs, including Human Rights and Humanitarian Policy, Urban and Social Policy, Gender and Public Policy, and the EPD Workshops. Additionally, SIPA centers and forums—like the Center for Development Economics and Policy, the Center on Global Economic Governance, and the David N. Dinkins Leadership and Public Policy Forum—support research, convene policy leaders and scholars, and lead discussions surrounding just societies. Through these combined efforts, SIPA engages in promoting policies that address the challenges and issues facing the broader global community.

Your donation keeps SIPA’s just societies dialogue moving forward.

Your gift to SIPA provides resources for research that examines the issues of sustainable economic development, poverty, conflict resolution, gender policy, and human welfare. With your support, SIPA students can participate in the discussion, benefit from the perspectives of SIPA's diverse community, and participate in fieldwork that addresses these issues.

Support SIPA’s work in promoting just societies.

Make your gift and help SIPA continue to lead discussion and research in the areas of sustainable development, conflict resolution, and the welfare of communities. Your support enables students to fully commit to advancing positive social policies and furthers dialogue both in and outside the classroom.