SIPA Annual Fund - Columbia Giving Day 2018

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Funding a graduate education can be daunting, especially without any support. Your gift will be used to support fellowships that assist students in funding the next step in their careers, and open them up to incredible opportunities. Giving makes a difference in someone’s life.

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SIPA and Columbia University are committed to offering a wide variety of fellowships and financial support to help students fund their educations. Fellowships at SIPA can be specific, providing students with the resources to focus in on a particular regional area, or encompass a two-semester seminar, such as the International Fellows Program, allowing students to examine the origins of the current international order.

Donations are applied to...

Your gift supporting fellowships and aid offers students a chance to pursue the breadth and depth of the SIPA experience without crushing financial burden. Through these focused fellowships, students are able to fund international fieldwork, specialized course study, and the opportunity to have extraordinary access to expert practitioners, including senior policymakers, diplomats, legislators, and non-profit leaders.

Why are donations necessary?

With your donation, SIPA can continue to provide support in the form of fellowship aid to the best and brightest students, ensuring that the SIPA experience is accessible regardless of financial circumstance. Giving to student fellowship aid is an investment in the education of the next generation of policymakers and practitioners and a vote of support for students as they embark on their SIPA journeys.