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Society of Schmitt Fellows of Notre Dame

We achieve our goal of promoting STEM on campus and in the community through numerous programs throughout the year. One of our biggest events is a 5k run to benefit a STEM programs at Harrison Primary through the Boys and Girls Club. We also provide financial aid to graduate STEM students to help cover the costs of attending scientific conferences. This year we have also begun providing professional development opportunities including personal website development and personal strengths identification workshops. To make sure our members maintain a good work-life balance, we also plan fun social events throughout the year. These include trips to the local trampoline park, Baraka Bouts, a fall BBQ, and lunch outings.

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Arthur J. Schmitt used to say that, "the important thing to do is to figure out a place for yourself in the world and then do something about it." The Society of Schmitt Fellows of Notre Dame work to live out this ideal on the campus of Notre Dame. Made up of recipients of the Schmitt Leadership Fellowship, our society works to promote STEM initiatives on campus and in the community and have fun doing it!

Donations are applied to...

Our mission is to make a difference in our niche as graduate STEM students at Notre Dame. Your donations will go towards improving our many programs such as our 5k fundraiser run, providing funding for graduate students to attend professional conferences and professional development seminars!

Why are donations necessary?

Our biggest fundraiser of the year is a concession stand during a football game in the fall. During this event we raise over $1500 which we use to promote STEM on campus and in the community. If we could raise this much during ND day, we would have twice as much funding power to leverage in achieving our mission!