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Sport Performance

Sport Performance's (Strength & Conditioning, Athletic Training, Nutrition, Sports Science and Student Welfare and Development) collaborative, integrated and student-athlete centered approach strives to help all student-athletes across our 26 teams maximize their potential and consistently perform at their best.

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Margins for success at the Division I level are razor thin. One step, one shot, one play, is often the difference between victory and defeat. From developing strength, fueling for competition, preventing and rehabilitating injuries, resting and recovering, to honing leadership skills, our team of professionals works to ensure that the Fighting Irish are in the best position to perform when that critical moment comes.

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Fuel the Irish: $150,000 will allow us to update 13 team locker room fueling stations

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Sports nutrition plays an integral role in athletic performance. Notre Dame has three full-time sport dietitians that educate, counsel and provide the highest level of nutrition on and off the field. With your support of the department we will be able to expand the nutritional offerings to our athletes.