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The Georgia Tech Athletic Association has identified $5 million in immediate improvements to support innovation and excellence that will be covered through commitments of $25,000 of more over 4 years to the Athletic Director's Initiative Fund.

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Initial research was commissioned during Campaign Georgia Tech for a renovation to the Edge Center. While this research continues to identify the proper scope for the future decades of use, there are enhancements that can be made now to better portray our commitment to innovation and excellence until the full renovations plans are completed.

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The academic areas within the Edge Center, while functional, require unification. Currently the GTAA has one of the smallest ratios of academic space per student-athlete in the ACC, and this space is disconnected on the highest and lowest floors of the building. The physical limitation and separation of academic advising and tutoring must be addressed, while creating a lively and refreshing area that encourages learning and academic growth. The GTAA Dining Hall is situated on half of the second floor of the Edge Center, and is used solely for dining hours at lunch and dinner. Outside of the food service hours, this space sits empty. A portion of initiative dollars will be used to make the dining hall area available for all-day use by student-athletes and staff as a study, work, and common area resulting in a gathering space that encourages community, camaraderie and interaction. Last upgraded in 2003, the Georgia Tech Football locker room is in need of a transformation to be in line with modern Power 5 programs while reflecting the Georgia Tech culture. Improvements needed include new wood lockers, finishes, audio/visual elements, graphics, and utility systems. The goal of these improvements is to ensure our current players and staff have access to modern facilities and that our coaches can showcase Georgia Tech to incoming recruits.