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Give for Student Activities & Engagement

Your donation can help make our students' experience at MSUB memorable, enriching, and extraordinary! Student Life at MSU Billings offers a wide range of ways to get involved, including leadership organizations, community service, campus ministry, athletics, performing and visual arts, special interest groups, cultural groups, and more! We encourage students to find out what they are interested in and pursue it! Students who are engaged in student clubs and organizations have an opportunity to develop valuable leadership skills, meet new people, and help shape and influence the student experience on campus. In addition, students who have made a valuable connection to a student organization are more likely to be engaged in the classroom and in their fields of study.

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Support Student Success at MSUB

Student success at MSUB looks different for each of our students.... The full-time traditional freshman from rural Montana, the student parent working on a degree to improve the life of their family, the part-time student earning a degree to further their career, and the veteran coming back to school for the first time. Each one of our students has a unique story and experience that brings them to MSUB and our role is to help them achieve their dreams. Supporting Student Success will benefit areas such as the Academic Support Center, Disability Support Services, Diversity and Inclusion, Student Crisis Fund, Student Wellness, and Student Leadership. #JacketGivingDay

Our Students Can Find Their Place Thanks to You

Thank you for supporting student success at MSUB. Generous support from our community allows us to meet the needs of our students with appropriate and timely services, enriching programs, and retention strategies.

Why should you give?

Give to this fund in order to make it possible for MSUB to provide a campus and experience for our students to enrich their minds and bodies with memories, opportunities to lead and grow, and friendships that last beyond the classroom walls. Go Yellowjackets!