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Study Abroad - Japan: Nagoya

We are excited to announce our participation in Notre Dame Day, when the global Notre Dame family will come together to celebrate what each of us loves most about the University.

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A semester- or year-long program open to sophomores and juniors interested in an intensive language academic experience. Notre Dame students attend the Center for Japanese Studies at Nanzan University, where they enroll in intensive Japanese language classes and area-studies classes. Students choose their other courses in the areas of Japanese society, literature, religion, business, economics, history, art, and politics. Except for Japanese language classes, all courses are taught in English, and the subject matter is often placed in a larger Asian context. Students may choose between homestay—coordinated by the Center for Japanese Studies at Nanzan University—or university housing. Nagoya is located in the center of Honshu, Japan’s main island, midway between Tokyo and Kyoto, and only an hour from the Kii Peninsula and the Ise-Shima National Park, famous for its shrines. Nagoya is known for the Tokugawa Art Museum, and as the home of the Toyota Corporation, Noritake China, and the castle that Shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa built in 1610 for his ninth son.

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