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Study Abroad - Russia Programs

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A semester-long program designed for students interested in studying contemporary Russian society and Russian history, literature, art, and media. Courses are taught in Russian, but are designed for students who are in the process of developing their language skills. The curriculum is offered in conjunction with the American Council of Teachers of Russian (ACTR) and includes a variety of Russian language classes taught in small groups of three to five, based on each student’s abilities in Russian. Participants are paired with a Russian peer tutor for two hours per week. Volunteer opportunities and internships are also available. The fifth day of each week is set aside for excursions. Students have the choice of living with a host family or in a university dormitory. Because the homestay offers a cultural complement to the student’s academic program, most participants choose this option. Students choosing the dormitory option live with other ACTR students and/or with Russian students.

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