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Study Abroad - Switzerland: Geneva

We are excited to announce our participation in Notre Dame Day, when the global Notre Dame family will come together to celebrate what each of us loves most about the University.

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A semester-long spring program open to advanced physics students. The program allows students to study at University of Geneva (UNIGE), home of the world’s leading center for advanced research in particle physics through Boston University’s Geneva-Physics program. This program combines upper- level coursework in quantum physics and electrodynamics at the University of Geneva (UNIGE), with directed research at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), the world’s largest particle physics laboratory. Students live in Boston University’s residence hall in the center of Geneva for this program. Geneva is the most international city in Europe with over 40 percent of its population coming from outside Switzerland. Geneva also prides itself for being one of the most beautiful and cultured cities in the world, combining the splendors of nature with a rich palette of historic and architectural offerings.

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