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Study Abroad - United Kingdom: Norwich

We are excited to announce our participation in Notre Dame Day, when the global Notre Dame family will come together to celebrate what each of us loves most about the University.

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A semester- or year-long program open to juniors majoring in English or American studies. Notre Dame students can enroll in courses in University of East Anglia (UEA)’s American Studies Department, which offers a wide range of courses in American studies, American and English literature, and creative writing. The UEA School of American Studies is recognized as one of the best American studies departments in the United Kingdom. The school also has a special reputation in creative writing and houses the Arthur Miller Centre for American Studies annual international literary festival that has featured such notables as Arthur Miller, Norman Mailer, Kurt Vonnegut, and Susan Sontag. Norwich is one of the most vibrant and attractive cities in Europe and is a major center of the arts, culture, nightlife, and tourism. The city retains its medieval character with largely intact cobbled streets, 12th-century castle, Norman cathedral, open-air market and many independent shops, restaurants, galleries, and more. The university is an hour and 50 minutes by train from London, 60 miles from Cambridge, but also a short distance from the east coast of England.

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