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Georgia Tech alumni and fans are passionate, loyal, and care deeply that we succeed without compromise as an Institute and in athletics. There are very few places where a world-renowned education is paired with Power 5 athletics, where student-athletes can compete for championships at the highest possible level and earn a degree that will provide them a lifetime of success.

SWARM WEEK is five days out of the year to unite showing the world our pride and tradition of excellence while continuing to grow our support of the Yellow Jackets. TOGETHER WE SWARM!

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Alexander -Tharpe Fund

The Alexander-Tharpe Fund (A-T), established in 1949, is a division of the Georgia Tech Athletic Association (GTAA) honors Coach William A. Alexander and Mercer McCall “Mack” Tharpe, a Georgia Tech football player and assistant coach killed in World War II. The A-T Fund serves as the primary fundraising arm to support student-athletes through financial assistance in the form of scholarships, program support of 17 intercollegiate sports, and building enhancements to maintain state-of-the-art athletic facilities.

For more information please visit ATFund.org or contact us at (404)-894-5414.

Donations are applied to...

The Athletic Scholarship Fund provides direct support for student-athlete scholarships and helps bridge the gap between endowment returns and scholarship costs. The annual bill for 220 athletic scholarships at Georgia Tech is approximately $11 million and scholarship endowments cover close to $2.7 million per year. Additionally, sport-restricted gifts provide each of Georgia Tech’s 17 teams access to discretionary dollars to cover unbudgeted expenses and improvements. Gifts of any size to these areas are used to directly fulfill the annual scholarship and operational needs of our student-athletes.

Why Give?

An athletic scholarship to Georgia Tech enables a young man or woman to match the full development of his or her potential with the mastery of a challenging academic major at a distinguished university. Such a scholarship allows coaches to recruit elite student-athletes nationally as they seek those special individuals who will thrive at Georgia Tech. The Georgia Tech Athletic Association's budget is in the bottom tier of the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC). Philanthropic support from loyal fans and alumni is essential to remain competitive and perform at the top of the conference.