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Fuel Ingenuity with The Mines Fund

The Mines Fund directly impacts talented students who will go on to engineer solutions to our world’s most pressing challenges related to earth, energy, and the environment. The Mines Fund fuels ingenuity and promotes a well-rounded comprehensive educational experience.

The Mines Fund supports access, excellence and innovation for all Mines students:

  • 50 gifts of $25 will upgrade technology and provide lab equipment like microscopes, beakers, computers and smartboards.

  • 25 gifts of $50 can bring in a renowned guest lecturer to campus or outfit a Makerspace with tools like drills, 3D printers and sewing machines.

  • 15 gifts of $100 supports the student life experience through academic advising and tutoring and bolstering traditions like the M Climb and E-Days.

  • 10 gifts of $250 provides 1-2 students with a scholarship.

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Help The Mines Fund win the $25,000 bonus to make possible the dreams and discoveries that inspire students! Your gift will sustain Mines’ longstanding traditions and ensure Mines continues to graduate the leading scientist and engineers our world demands.