The Mortimer B. Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute - Columbia Giving Day 2018

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We have a mind to discover. Join us.

Imagine a world where the mysteries of the brain are unraveled, clarifying the decisions we make, pinpointing where creativity is encoded, and defining the genesis of human emotion. Consider a world in which advanced technologies align seamlessly with the brain's own intricate design, where people lead longer, richer lives and where diseases such as dementia and schizophrenia are not only treatable, but reversible. At the Zuckerman Institute, this is the world we envision. This is the world we strive to create.

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Thanks To Our Supporters!

Seed the discoveries that make a difference!

Your generosity to the Friends of the Zuckerman Institute Fund creates a rich environment of discovery, exemplified by the work of our graduate students and their faculty mentors. Support at all levels is needed to tackle the challenge of understanding brain function, human behavior, mental health, and diseases of the nervous system. We invite you to be a part of this exciting endeavor, to seed the discoveries that make a difference to brain and mind.

Your gift to the Friends of the Zuckerman Institute Fund will:

  • Create opportunities for young scientists who drive discoveries in the brain sciences—supporting talented early-stage researchers as they embark upon their careers.
  • Make possible the novel technologies needed to decipher the brain processes that underlie behavior—both in the normal and diseased brain.
  • Enable the recruitment of world-renowned scientists to work alongside some of the most creative minds in science, including Nobel- and Kavli-prize winning scientists, who are committed to finding answers to the immense problems of brain and mind.
  • Encourage new approaches to brain science and its intersection with art, music, economics, and law, by supporting innovative programs that lend insight into our behavior. 

The impact of your gift:

There is urgency to our work. Millions of lives could be saved or improved by brain research, and powerful new technologies have put us on the cusp of transformative discoveries that will advance human health and society. Your partnership at these early stages would provide us with the ability to move with the times and react insightfully to the emergence of new techniques and ideas. With your commitment, the potential for Zuckerman Institute scientists to change the world will be close to boundless.