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Global Dialogue: Globally minded and New York-centered, SIPA is a policymaking hub.

Your gift sustains the dynamism and common goals shared by the SIPA community: we strive to be a place where new ideas, passionate projects, and complex discussions are welcome.

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Convening students, faculty, and field experts to advance an urgent global dialogue.

With over 43 countries represented in the student body, SIPA is the place where the world connects. We constantly move the needle forward when discussing the advantages and challenges faced in an increasingly global world. SIPA challenges global norms by instilling Columbia’s values in its students’ practices, classes, and research—crystallizing a movement to further the greater good.

Your gift supports opportunities to engage in discussion at SIPA and the world beyond.

Your donation empowers the SIPA community’s dynamism and SIPA’s important global mission. Support for SIPA’s Global Dialogues goes toward critical conferences on issues of cyber policy, climate response, and humanitarian relief, as well as forums with engaging, high-profile leaders and speakers. Thank you for making SIPA a place where students can connect with one another and with the world beyond.

Help SIPA move the needle forward on a number of complex global dialogues.

First and foremost, SIPA is an international school, serving an important role as a convening point for substantive ideas on policy, international affairs, and governance. Supporting global dialogues at SIPA encourages community engagement beyond Columbia and strengthens SIPA’s efforts to feature expert speakers and develop solutions to pressing global issues.